Last Update: November 26th, 2014

NEW:   Come join the Willamette Motor Club will at our Wine Tour Saturday, November 29th. Details here.
NOTE:   Nominations for Officers for 2015:
  • President: Steve Newby
  • Vice President: Don Emerson
  • Secretary: Emalee Newby
  • Treasurer: Chris Davie
Also for 2015, we are looking for volunteers for the following positions:
  • Timing Steward - Responsible for maintaining, setting up, running, and tearing down the timing equipment at all of our events.
  • Tech Steward - Responsible for organizing a tech crew, training them, and executing tech inspections at all of our events.
  • Autocross Chairs and Co-Chairs - Responsible for all of the details pertaining to putting on a particular autocross event.
  • Hillclimb Chairs and Co-Chairs - Responsible for all of the details pertaining to putting on our Bible Creek and Maryhill Hillclimb events.
  • Annual Club Banquet Chair and Co-Chair - Responsible for planning our annual club banquet.
NOTE:   The results for the September 21st Autocross are now posted on the Autocross page.
NOTE:   The October 26th Autocross has been Cancelled due to lack of chairpersons and venue.
NEW:   The 2014 Bible Creek and Maryhill Hillclimb results are now posted on the Hillclimb page.
NOTE:   For WMC Autocross events, we require Snell SA2000 or M2000 rated helmets or newer.
NEW:   Pictures from the April 27th, June 1st, and July 27th Autocrosses are now posted on the Photos page.
NEW:   2014 Rule Changes/Clarifications: (2014 rulebook to be posted shortly):

  • Number one regarding hillclimbs, in view of the upswing in hill participation, and to level the playing field as far as points go, No bonus points will be awarded for hill participation from this point forward.
  • Number two regarding hillclimbs. In respect to those members that want to run the WMC season for points we voted to make the hill's OPTIONAL for members to run. To do this for 2014 we are amending the season rules as follows the section that outlines event participation (section 7.1.1) will be amended to allow TWO (2)"throw away" events. This allows competitors to run the hills as an ALTERNATIVE to autocrosses, without requiring a competitor to run them to score points. so for this season with 5 championship AX events scheduled you would have to run 3 to qualify for season ending points, and any combination of 5 events would constitute a full season.
  • Tire rules (SCCA Stock CLASS) NHA has considered this and decided that with the SCCA effectively creating a sub class in stock(now street) for R compound tires, and the very definition of allowed tires scheduled to change AGAIN next year, it makes the most sense for the bulk of our competitors, who don't run SCCA nationally and have limited budgets to NOT follow SCCA on this one but allow drivers to use the same setups and tires they ran LAST year for this season. Rather than buying r comps that are only good for one year, or tread-wear 140 tires that are ALSO only good for one year (legal in class) we plan on going straight from 2013 prep rules to the new 2015 rules NEXT YEAR. WMC has voted and decided to follow suit. So IF you need new tires I would buy the tread-wear 200 and take the minor performance hit that that entails, If you still have good R compounds run them. This WILL NOT effect car re- classification rules. If you were in say B stock last year and 2014 SCCA rules moved your car to C street this year you will be running C street as a class. ALSO as far as hill records go this will be the FINAL year for the old "stock" class rules, so if you get a hill record you will own it forever, assuming SCCA doesn't flip flop again.
  • Last on a safety note, over the last few years, it has become common place to see passengers with hand held recording devices filming from the passenger seat, and course workers filming with I phones while working course. THIS IS PROHIBITED and from this point forward will be strictly enforced. Buy or build a proper camera mount, and leave your phone in your pocket while course working. This is for everyone's safety.
  The 2012 Autocross/Hillclimb series rulebook is here: 2012 Rulebook
NOTE:   Our next club meeting will be taking place at Round Table Pizza at Keizer Station. Thursday, September 18th, 2014 at 7:30PM. Come on out and enjoy the location and food while doing your part to help out with club business!
INFO:   To determine the class for your vehicle, consult the 2013 SCCA Rules.

NOTE:   Our monthly meetings are at Round Table Pizza at Keizer Station, 3rd Thursday of the month, every month, at 7:30pm

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